Horses for Adoption

It is our goal to find "forever" homes for our horses. It is very important that they are matched with the right owner and will be suitable for the job you expect them to do. We prefer that you visit the prospective adoptee three times before you take them home. However, we understand that if you are coming from a long distance it may not be practical. Thus, we will work to ensure the process is as smooth as possible and that you and the horse are a good match.

Requirements to adopt a horse:

  • References - Yes, we do check
  • Good Fencing - We don't consider a barbed wire fence appropriate for horses.
  • Shelter
  • Training - If you are adopting a young horse, we expect you to have the training skills needed to take the horse along to a valued member of your family. If using a trainer, we must also approve that trainer.

Once you have been approved to adopt and take your horse home, you are required to send us updates for six months. At the end of six months you will receive a brand inspection. If, within that time, you find that we did not find a good match for you, please return the horse to the Rescue.

To start the process, please contact us.

Spring Creek Rescued Horses for Adoption

Please note that this list may not be complete and we may have horses that are currently undergoing rehabilitation that will be ready to adopt soon. Feel free to contact us at any time to enquire about other horses or to be placed on our waiting list.

Sedona is a six month old sorrel filly. She is going to be BIG girl.

Woodrow is a nine year old paint gelding. He is 14-2HH, green, but so willing. Nice nice horse, amusing personality, very verbal, riding good. Lots of spunk, so not yet a child's horse.

Stormy is a five-year-old Bay Mare. She is started and needs a job. She wouldn't be happy as a trail horse. She is put together nice and ready for her forever home.

Lightning is a four-year-old, Poco Bueno, Sorrel filly. Lightning is very outgoing and brave, and has a strong personality. She will go anywhere and do anything. She is started under saddle.

Bella is a six-year-old Liver Spotted Appaloosa filly. She is touchy about her face and needs to wear a fly mask to protect her from the sun. She is high energy but sensible and mature.

Pacino is a seven-year-old Sorrel Gelding, wide blaze/3 whites. He has matured to 14-2.5HH. He has a stocky quarter build and an all-boy personality. He is started under saddle and doing well.

Jack is a six-year-old Bay Bar/N Gelding. He was started as a three-year-old but needs to be restarted.

Bill is a 3 year old QH that had an injury to his left hind pastern as a baby. He has had surgery and it didn't take. He will make a nice walk/trot for a youngster, working on hard soil seems to irritate the injury, great in soft ground.

Bug is a 23-year-old Sorrel/Roan Appendix Mare. She has too much energy for a small child and at 16HH is too tall but she is great for trail riding or riding around the ranch.

Judy is a six-year-old sorrel, QH mare. She is not yet started but does feet, loads, and halters. She has some issues related to abuse so she will need a slow and patient hand.

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